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First Time
Home Buyer

Buying your first home is a big decision.

It is important to choose the right property because it will be the determining factor that can make it easier or tougher for you to upgrade & eventually retire. I have successfully advised many First Time buyers and assisted them to secure their first property for ownstay / investment purposes. (BTO/ SBF/ Resale HDB/ EC/ Private Condo)
Even if you are not ready to commit now, this is actually the best time for you to learn more about your options before you commit to the biggest purchase in your lives!
Don’t just work to pay off your property; let your property work for you.
Moreover, the sharing sessions are completely free & non-obligatory, so don't wait any longer.


What You Need

To Know

Many First Time Buyers have a lot of thoughts when it comes to deciding what should their first property be.

Some common questions my first-time buyer clients usually have.

1. Is a HDB BTO the best choice for all young couples? 

2. Am I missing out if I don't go for BTO? 
3. Why do most Singaporeans choose to buy a HDB flat first? 

4. HDB Grant is an entitlement for Singaporeans. Is it worth it to take the grant? 

5. Should I be looking at at HDB, EC, Condo? What is the difference? Which is better for me? 

6. Should we buy Resale or New Launch? How do we determine which to go for? 

7. Is it true Freehold is better?

8. I want to go for a Condo but I don't want to overstretch. Will I be tied down by the loan? 

9. Can I really afford a Condo? 

10. If I buy a Condo now, can I still buy a HDB in the future? 

11. How to spot good properties that can make money?

Case Study

Couple A purchased a 4-room BTO in Punggol @ Treelodge for $258K in 2011. With an additional $50K for renovation works & $25K for furniture, their total expenditure was $333K

In 2019, they sold their house at $468K and upgraded to a 3-bedroom Condominium. However, their final price was only $428K after they minus off $40K in CPF accrued interest

Taking into consideration that their BTO takes 3 years to build + 5 years to MOP + $95K spent over 8 years, it means that their BTO was only making $11,875/year OR $989/month

Couple A wasted 8 years before they finally made their second move. 

Couple B bought a young 4-room Resale HDB in Fernvale Lane for $400K and took up a $50K first-timer grant. Their total expenditure was $435K ($350K for the Resale HDB, $60K renovation works and $25K for furniture.)

However, when they sold their Resale HDB for $400K in 2019, they had to use their own savings to upgrade. 

Their final price was only $360K after paying off the $40K in CPF accrued interest. 

Couple B sold their flat at valuation after reaching their 5 years MOP with no cash proceeds & made a loss of $75K over 5 years. 

That is why your first purchase is very important because it will set your foundation right so that your next step will be smoother and easier.
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What You Will Receive
A 3-Step Process

In-depth financial calculations which will include additional costs like legal fees, cash outlay, stamp duty, etc.

Far-Sighted Roadmap

Including a way for you to retire comfortably.

Financial Calculations

A simple & in-depth financial calculation to recognise your financial standing.

Progression Plan

A simple yet effective home-ownership plan - with 3 precise steps to accumulate wealth earlier.

Options Analysis

3 ways to analyse your available options in the property market & determine the best choice that is safest for you.

Top 4 Things To Ask

The most important things you need to ask before buying any property. These are based on insight from real-life cases.

With the right planning, carefully constructed strategy and a detailed risk assessment, many first time buyers have done it.
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Hi I'm Yvonne! Throughout my years of experience in the Real Estate industry, I have seen how housing has become the most important asset planning in everyone's life as property is the most expensive investment in our lives! This is why I dedicate my time to assist all my clients to kickstart their property planning by sharing with them the Do's and Don'tshelping them spot value buysplanning a long term 5 to 10 years plan and eventually manage their property portfolios so that they can grow their wealth by owning the right assets. I provide a seamless one-stop service to help all my clients move houses smoothly, making sure the timeline matches, when they sell and buy another house, and most importantly ensuring their finances, are accounted for before they commit to the purchase. If you would like to find out what your best options are and their pros and cons, you are looking at the right person. After my thorough evaluation and our discussion, the decision is then yours to make on how you would like to kickstart your property journey. Then I will be there at every step of the way to guide you through! 

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