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Investing for
Private Owners

While most Singaporeans know the potential of investing in properties, they are often held back by the lack of knowledge, or worst, misconceptions. If you already own a house & are comfortable in it, you might question -- why should I take a step out of my comfort zone and start investing in properties? 


Many people assume they need a big capital to start investing and have this fear of not being able to service the mortgage. It is true when they say you can own more than one property without touching your savings. But before you go into investing, you need to understand and know why you are doing so.


​Imagine you have two properties; 1 for your own personal stay and 1 for renting out. With rental income from your second property, you can stop worrying about the rising cost of living in Singapore, and you don't have to only rely on your monthly salary. Often time, earnings from real estate investments also form a part of retirement planning. 

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Case Study

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Mr. and Mrs. Lim have been living in their Condo for many years and were trying to save as much as they can in order to fully settle their existing mortgage loan before purchasing a second property. They want to start generating passive income so they can retire comfortably. 

However, bear in mind that solely saving money, takes time. Not forgetting that you are constantly fighting against your age and inflation. 

With the right home progression strategies and in-depth financial planning, Mr and Mrs Lim realised that it is possible to own 2 properties without having to touch their savings at all. 

Thereafter, they purchased a resale condominium for their own stay and used the remaining profits to purchase a second property which generates a rental income of about $3000. Other than having an extra $500 passive income for their family after deducting their monthly mortgage loan, they now still have reserve funds for "rainy days"!

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Did You Know?

It is possible that your 2nd property can lower your monthly instalment & lower your risk.

Your investment unit can be self sustaining by the tenant, what's more! The rental income from your investment unit can potentially cover a big portion of your home stay mortgage instalment.

If you've owned a private property for more than 4 years, you can potentially own a 2nd property without touching your savings. All you need is the right plan to let your property work for you.

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What You Will Receive

A 3-Step Process

In-depth financial calculations which will include additional costs like legal fees, cash outlay, stamp duty, etc.

Far-Sighted Roadmap

Including a way for you to retire comfortably.

Financial Calculations

A simple & in-depth financial calculation to recognise your financial standing.

Progression Plan

A simple yet effective home-ownership plan - with 3 precise steps to accumulate wealth earlier.

Options Analysis

3 ways to analyse your available options in the property market & determine the best choice that is safest for you.

Top 4 Things To Ask

The most important things you need to ask before buying any property. These are based on insight from real-life cases.

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Client's Testimonials

When I met Yvonne for the first time, she was so friendly, professional and compassionate. She was able to look at the house and gave me an ideal of what could be done to get the house ready for the market. From the beginning and throughout the closing process, Yvonne was always on top of it, and she was quickly available when I had questions. She patiently and knowledgeably walked me through any questions I had, no matter how big or small. 
She exceeded my expectation by finding me the buyer in less than two weeks after the unit was first marketed. I am pleased that I had made the right decision to have chosen her to handle my sale. I felt I could totally trust her. From the outset, she has demonstrated her confidence, she knew her market and she indeed delivered what she promised. 
I truly appreciate her positive, honest approach and I will not hesitate to give Yvonne my highest recommendation for anyone desiring to sell their property or to buy one. It's been a pleasure dealing with her and once again I want to thank Yvonne for her excellent job and service that was provided.

- David Ler

Yvonne proved to be a professional advisor who really knows her stuff. Having helped us sold off our flat within a month, she is definitely a blessing!🙏 Excellent services and dedication to customers 👍

- Ashley Woo

All rounded service and advice from Yvonne! A dedicated lady and very responsive enquiries that I have on buying property. Highly recommended!

- Jasper Chua
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Hi I'm Yvonne! Throughout my years of experience in the Real Estate industry, I have seen how housing has become the most important asset planning in everyone's life as property is the most expensive investment in our lives! This is why I dedicate my time to assist all my clients to kickstart their property planning by sharing with them the Do's and Don'tshelping them spot value buysplanning a long term 5 to 10 years plan and eventually manage their property portfolios so that they can grow their wealth by owning the right assets. I provide a seamless one-stop service to help all my clients move houses smoothly, making sure the timeline matches, when they sell and buy another house, and most importantly ensuring their finances, are accounted for before they commit to the purchase. If you would like to find out what your best options are and their pros and cons, you are looking at the right person. After my thorough evaluation and our discussion, the decision is then yours to make on how you would like to kickstart your property journey. Then I will be there at every step of the way to guide you through! 

Schedule A Consultation With Me!

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