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Home Upgraders

Time flies by fast when you realise you've living in your very first HDB flat for nearly five years now! With your MOP milestone coming up, it's probably time you start considering the many available options for your next move.

Whether you're looking at an upgrade from BTO to EC, private condominium or to a landed house -- let me share with you how you can upgrade safely and securely. You may have seen on social media that you can upgrade without touching your savings, this is true too. But we need to do the financial assessments right before we can come to this conclusion and find out how we can achieve this.


Many assume that certain types of property are beyond their reach due to their current income.​ They are limiting themselves unknowingly; for there are different ways to overcome every obstacle. Do you want to miss your chance and regret when you look back on your lives 5 to 10 years down the road?

Through this sharing, you'll get to learn how to grow your wealth systematically using  the safety net strategy.

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What You Need To Know

Many HDB Owners have a lot of worries when it comes to upgrading homes. 

Do you know that if you have a combined income of $8K onwards, and bought your HDB for more than 5 years, with in-depth financial planning and our simple yet effective step-by-step Home Progression Strategy, you can potentially...

Dining Room
Family Room
Condo Exterior
Panshot Condo

1. Upgrade to a condo with no cash top up 

2. Own 2 properties and create passive income

And still have ample reserve funds of up to $100K for rainy days. Not only that, you can also work out your own property investment roadmap for the next 5 to 10 years! Plus, did you know that HDB owners who bought their HDB before 2013 and with a household income of $8,000 or more are now much closer to achieving their property goals? 

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Should I still upgrade if my HDB is almost fully paid off?

If you are locking away a huge portion of your CPF funds in your HDB, you could be depleting your wealth. It isn't uncommon though because most HDB Owners today are servicing their HDB loan using their CPF.


You might also be thinking that it only makes sense to use your CPF funds to pay for your monthly instalments to lessen your monthly expenses. However, without the right CPF usage strategy, you could be affecting your financial future in the next 5 to 10 years!

What does it mean? 

Let's assume you have $200,000 worth of CPF funds.​


Every year you earn a CPF interest rate of 2.5% and one day you decide to use this CPF fund of $200,000 to pay for your house.​

This means that...

  • Your CPF fund of $200,000 will STOP earning interest  

  • And you will have to pay back the $200,000 PLUS the interest that you were supposed to earn.

According to a CPF interest rate of 2.5%, $200,000 will be worth about $328,000 in 20 years.

That is a total interest loss of $128,000!

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Case Study 01

Meet David! Aged 49, with an income of $8,000.

When David, aged 49 with an income of slightly more than $8000 first approached me, his intention was to sell off his 35 years old 4-room HDB flat at Tampines and upgrade to a younger and bigger HDB in Sengkang to live closer to his family. David sees himself retiring in 3 to 5 years’ time. He wanted to eventually retire by either downgrading to a 3-room HDB as his last property move or renting out rooms to get rental income. 

David had already fully paid his Tampines 4-room HDB more than 5 years ago, and did not want to burden himself with additional mortgage loan as he just bought a new car and is servicing his car loan. Even though Tampines is a prime location with mega malls, interchanges and amenities, David has seen his 4-room HDB flat prices fall throughout the years as the flat gets older.

He knew that he has to move on to a newer flat otherwise he will not have any profit. After doing in-depth financial calculations for David, he was shocked to know that his CPF accrued interest is still growing yearly on a compounding basis even though he has fully paid off his HDB many years ago! 

I shared with David the importance of changing to a right home, and how the right property can help him achieve his goals of early retirement instead of just being a hard-saver. After our step-by-step home asset progression strategy, David is now a happy and proud Condo owner! Not only did David achieve his objective of staying close to his family members, he also fulfilled his wish to give his mother, sisters and nieces an upgrade in lifestyle. And the best part is, with the reserved funds we have set aside for David, he does not need to top up any cash payments for his monthly mortgage instalments for the next 6.5 years even with his existing car loan!

Through the use of in-depth financial calculation and strategic planning, David learnt how to maximise the usage of CPF and INCREASE CASH returns from his property. Today, David is now looking at retiring eventually with a FULLY PAID HDB in years to come after cashing out from his condo! 

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Case Study 02

Faith & Jimmy KFWB.jpg
Faith & Jimmy Affinity.jpg
Meet Faith & Jimmy! In their early 40s, with a combined income of $8,000.

Faith and Jimmy, both early 40s with a combined income of $11,000, approached me to find out their options if they were to upgrade from their HDB Executive Apartment (EA) in Punggol. They wanted to know if they can upgrade to a condominium comfortably without any stress financially, and if they can eventually own a second investment property. They have been staying in their current HDB flat for 15 years, and still have an outstanding mortgage loan.
After doing their sums, Faith and Jimmy were shocked! They said that 5 years ago, they were thinking about upgrading to Condo but decided not to because they wanted to wait for the prices to increase before selling so that they can have better profits. Now, 5 years later, not only did their sale price dropped, their profit decreased by a lot too because of CPF accrued interest.
After understanding their home requirement needs, we went ahead to plan for them towards owning 2 properties safely, without any financial stress and still maintaining their current lifestyle.

Today, Faith and Jimmy are proud owners of 2 properties! They first upgraded to a 3-Bedroom New Condo for their own stay.
3 months later, Faith and Jimmy got their second 1-Bedroom Condo for Investment. Furthermore, they now have a proper asset progression plan to grow their wealth in a safe yet effective manner.

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What You Will Receive


A calculation method to recognise your financial standing.



A 4-step process for in-depth financial calculations including  additional costs like legal fees, cash outlay, stamp duty, etc


3 ways to analyse the available options in the property market and determine the best choice that is suitable for you


A simple yet effective CPF Usage plan - with 4 precise steps to accumulate wealth earlier


A far-sighted “roadmap” that will allow you to retire comfortably

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Your Personalised
Step-by-Step Plan

Build an extra flow of income without risking your hard-earned money on unpredictable investments.

Achieve your financial life goals sooner with a simple step by step progression strategy that is easy to follow.

Build an extra flow of income without risking your hard-earned money on unpredictable investments.

Select high potential upside property which is undervalued so that you can lower your risk and profit with my "buy low sell high" method.

Nobody wants to regret when they look back on their lives 5 to 10 years down the road. Seize this opportunity now and you can achieve your life goals by having the right property or even properties!

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Hi I'm Yvonne! Throughout my years of experience in the Real Estate industry, I have seen how housing has become the most important asset planning in everyone's life as property is the most expensive investment in our lives! This is why I dedicate my time to assist all my clients to kickstart their property planning by sharing with them the Do's and Don'tshelping them spot value buysplanning a long term 5 to 10 years plan and eventually manage their property portfolios so that they can grow their wealth by owning the right assets. I provide a seamless one-stop service to help all my clients move houses smoothly, making sure the timeline matches, when they sell and buy another house, and most importantly ensuring their finances, are accounted for before they commit to the purchase. If you would like to find out what your best options are and their pros and cons, you are looking at the right person. After my thorough evaluation and our discussion, the decision is then yours to make on how you would like to kickstart your property journey. Then I will be there at every step of the way to guide you through! 

Schedule A Consultation With Me!

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